Tuesday, December 1, 2009

(PM01) Romans - Part 3

I've been busy with other things the past few weeks, so obviously there have been no updates. Further reason to try to make the best use of my painting time. ;)

Step Seven. I touched up all the non-flesh areas that had gotten some of my sloppy flesh paint on them, especially the metallic areas. This always seems a tedious step, but it's the price I pay for getting the flesh done quickly.

Step Seven: 26 min.
Total: 109 min.

Step Eight. First I did a quick drybrushing of the mail, then I went back and painted the steel parts of the pila, as well as a couple helmets and other bits silver. I'm using a bright (GW Mithril Silver) color because these areas (along with others) will get a black wash later. About half the time on this step was spent on each portion (drybrushing mail, painting other parts.)

Step Eight: 23 min.
Total: 132 min.

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