Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(PM03) Ancient Spanish Scutarii - Part 1

I'm taking a momentary break from Romans. With many distracting possibilities available to me, I decided on some Spanish infantry that I can use as allies/auxilia/enemies for the Romans.

The figures are a mix. The back three rows are Old Glory figures. There are three poses (one per row) and all are a bit more heavilly equipped - with a helmet, greaves, shield and throwing spear. The front ranks are some more lightly equipped figures with sword & shield, as well as a few command figures, all from Crusader. 24 figures total.

Step One: Flesh. Took longer than I expected. These first few steps will be familiar to anyone who's read the previous Paint Machine projects. I forgot to include the paint bottles in these first two photos.

Step One: 58 min.
Total: 58 min.

Step Two: Flesh Wash.

Step Two: 19 min.
Total: 77 min.

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