Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(PM03) Ancient Spanish Scutarii - Part 3

Step Six. Tidying up the mess made from painting the flesh. Again, this step seems like it takes way too long. The black helps give definition, especially against the planned light colored cloth. Maybe I should have skipped this. Or at least only hit a few vital spots.

Step Six: 47 min.
Total: 150 min.

Step Seven. Base coat cloth. I will be doing all the scutarii in light colors. Different shades of white, more or less. But I want some variation, so I will get there through various routes. I have a second group the same size as this one that I will paint later. So I will use two different methods on this group, then some others on the next group, and mix the two sets for more variety.

So for the next few steps, I will have the figures split into a left and right group, with a different color paint used on each.

Step Seven: 38 min.
Total: 188 min.

Step Eight. First highlight on cloth.

Step Eight: 23 min.
Total: 211 min.

Step Nine. Second highlight on cloth. The group on the left was highlighted with the first highlight color lightened further with a bit of white.

Step Nine: 14 min.
Total: 225 min.

The steps still seem to be taking too long and I am quickly approaching the 303 minutes I spent on the Romans. I have noticed that the Old Glory figures seem to take longer. I think the many small folds in the cloth & smaller details slow me down a little. Even then, I'm doing a bit of overbrushing on some of the cloth and it's not turning out as nice looking as my usual layering. The latter definitely works better on the more simplified style of the Crusader, as well as the Foundry and Wargames Factory figures I've done in the first two projects.

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