Thursday, January 7, 2010

(PM03) Ancient Spanish Scutarii - Part 4

Step Ten. Final highlights of the white tunics. Not the best pic, but maybe in subsequent pics the difference between the two shades of white will be more apparent.

Step Ten: 14 min.
Total: 239 min.

Step Eleven. Brown basecoat on assorted leather & wood items. I went back with a second shade of brown and painted a few bits not done in the pic, but just rolled that into this time.

Step Eleven: 54 min.
Total: 293 min.

Step Twelve. Black wash on the brown leathery bits. Wood bits did not get the wash and will be lightlighted a bit with a lighter brown in a later step.

Step Twelve: 21 min.
Total: 314 min.

Still to do... shields, metal bits, helmet crests, and cloaks on five of the figures.

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